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August 31st, 2012

If you have ever had a flat tire, you know how stressful it can be. The stress is then compounded, if you have no knowledge on what to do or how to put your spare on. Regardless of a vehicle’s make or model, every vehicle is equipped with a spare tire. If your vehicle doesn't, odds are the previous owner lost it or damaged it and never replaced it. A spare tire is like insurance. You don't need it, until something happens. In this post we discuss the importance of having a good spare tire, as well as keeping it in good condition and ready to use in case of an emergency.

Even if you have an inflation device or fix-a-flat, having a spare tire will always be the best option for a flat tire. There are times when you get a flat, and all you need is a little more air or some fix-a-flat, but for the other times, when air and fix-a-flat won't do the job, your spare tire is a necessity. Fix-a-flat is only used for temporary fixes on small holes and slow leaks. In a situation, when your tire goes completely flat or leaks rapidly, odds are the leak is more serious, and fix-a-flat becomes useless. That's why it is important to make sure you have a spare tire, and that it’s ready to be used. Otherwise, you have to call a tow truck, which will cost you more money and time.

What most people don't know is that over time air can seep out of the spare. This is mostly due to temperature changes and where/how it is stored. That's why it is important to have your spare checked regularly. Remember to check your spare, when you get replacement tires and at your monthly air checks. A stock spare tire should only be used temporarily and not as a replacement. Stock spares don't have good traction and are limited to certain speeds … usually at or under 50 miles per hour.

Depending on your vehicle, the type of spare differs. Some high class vehicles or trucks are equipped with a full size spare. A full size spare is a regular size wheel and tire. Usually it is a steel wheel or an actual alloy wheel equipped with a performance tire. Hopefully after learning the importance of a spare tire and how to keep it in good working order, you will be well prepared for any flat tires that come your way.  Contact us if you have any questions about your spare, need new tires, or would like to schedule your next auto repair service appointment.

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